6 Cool Desk Accessories To Help You Crush Your Work Day

Is work feeling boring? First order of business, get yourself some cool desk accessories.

We’re all guilty of falling into dull, repetitive cycles, especially at work. This can hurt your productivity, which is why it’s important to change up your routine. One easy way to do that is to redecorate your office space, but more specifically, your desk.

Yup, you heard me right. You spend most of your day at your desk anyways, so why not give it the love it deserves and make it as inviting as possible. Upgrading your desk space is an easy way to break out of that predictable 9 to 5 cycle. And that’s because making changes, no matter how small, tend to make us feel better.

Now get ready to clear the clutter off your desk. Here are six cool desk accessories that will help you stay organized and tackle your work day like a breeze on a hot summer’s day

Cool Desk Accessories For Pen Lovers: Livescribe Pens, Of Course.

cool desk accessories

Even the stationary is smart now!

This beautiful pen will not only digitize your notes, it can even record audio for those afternoon or early morning meetings. Interviews are another task made easy, now that you’ll be able to transcribe notes automatically while recording audio at the same time. This is perfect for anyone who has to get a lot of writing done–now you’ll have a digital copy as well.

Cool Desk Accessories To Manage the Clutter: Cable Drops For the Ultimate Win


Don’t let wires trip you up.

Tired of seeing those wires all over the floor? Tame those unruly piles of cables on your desk with these adhesive cable clips. A major difference between these drops and other wire holders is that you now can keep each individual wire at hands reach. Sure, you can keep all your wires off the floor by other means, but never before were you able to separate your wires from each other in an easy way. This means you’ll have your phone charger ready to use, instead of trying to find it in a pile of other wires. Avoid the headache of trying to find that one wire in a haystack of wires. Instead, use these awesome cable clips to have all the important cables handy. These multi-colored cool desk accessories will help you distinguish USB cables from phone wires in no time. They can keep valuable cables, like your phone charger, off the floor. No more wondering, if the cable is caught in the wheels of your chair.

Cool Desk Accessories To Look Stay Organized: Satechi iDesk Organizer  To Keep Chaos in Order


Is this a life saver, or what?

If you’re a fan of multi-purpose items, this is definitely going on your Christmas wish list. This iDesk multi-function desktop organizer is the ultimate mess tamer and organization hero. It can hold your coffee, all your stationaries, and important memos and business cards. Additionally, it comes with 3 USB ports for your memory cards, and can even has a stand for your phone while it charges. Now if that’s not cool I don’t know what is.

Cool Desk Accessories For the Creatives: Loopits Organizing Bands of the Future


Running out of desk space? Not enough drawers for all those supplies? Now you can get some use out of that boring office wall. Loopits bands are great at providing quick access to the things that you use most frequently.  Grab yourself some Loopits bands and let your stationaries “hang out.”

Cool Desk Accessories For the Hungry: What’s for lunch? Wheel of Decision Making


For most of us, lunch is the highlight of the day. But if you end up getting the same thing everyday, it too can become routine. Instead, make the best of lunch with this fun little game. Let the power of the wheel tell you what to eat. No more wasting time debating what to eat. Just grab a friend and leave it up to fate.

(Pro Tip: If no one can make up their mind for date night, this little tool can come in handy.)

Cool Desk Accessories For Those Hot Days: Elechomes EH101 a.k.a Mini Desk Fan


Cool off in style.

Whether it’s a hot day or a bad day, some cool air is always good to make you calm and focused on the task at hand.

The greatest feature of this Elechomes EH101 fan is that it runs on rechargeable batteries, so you can use it anytime anywhere. Power it directly or the USB port! Another cool thing about this fan, the base is a large clip, just set it on the edge of your desk!

Using these cool inventions, simplify your day and enjoy your day again. An organized desk will give you clarity through the day and the dread of meeting your cluttered desk in the morning will be gone!

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